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About GepNet, Inc.

GepNet, Inc. was created with your business in mind.

We have worked in the consulting field for a number of years. We think that it is our job to help keep you in business -- not keep you from doing business. We feel that your business must be able to perform its daily tasks. In order to accomplish this, we strive for minimal disruption of your business' daily routine, and any work which might cause serious interruption can be scheduled for evenings, weekends or outside of your regular business hours. It is our philosophy that you must be able to do business so that we can keep your business.



 Intel partner  

 DELL Authorized Reseller 






Affiliations Expanded:

  • Intel Channel Partner, Intel Authorized Reseller, Dell Authorized Resellers, Microsoft Certified System Builders.
  • Microsoft Authorized Resellers Linksys - Cisco Value Added Reseller, Dell Authorized Resellers.